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Viral Patrick Ryan McCann | Tips on Home Renovating with Kids Around

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Being a family with kids and having to do a major renovation on your home can be very tasking for the parents and unsettling for the kids, especially if they are still very young.

The parents have to think about the safety of the kids, and the emotional, physical, and mental effects of the renovations on the kids. Also, about how their routine will be disrupted and how angry they can get during this period.

We have seen how these renovation projects can seriously affect the parents and we’ve decided to discuss Patrick Ryan McCann tips on renovating with kids around the house.

The following tips and tricks can make the renovations a lot easier for both parents and kids. So, if you are a parent with beautiful young kids, planning to embark on your home renovations, or presently on renovations, these tips can help you navigate this period properly.

Let them make small decoration decisions

Having your kids around means a lot to you and them. “Letting them make small decisions makes them feel they are part of the process and helps them understand the process even more,” says Patrick McCann.

Allow them to do some little paintwork with you.

Be it wall designs or brick painting, having your kids help you with them is important. Patrick Ryan McCann discussed that doing the paintwork with your little kids helps develop more personal time with them, it also helps to increase the bond between you. And that makes them understand you more and causes you less stress afterward.

Have a kid-friendly space for them to play

There would be a lot of restraining them moving around the house, so you need to have a space that is safe for them to play.

Patrick McCain suggests that this space should have most of their play stuff and the TV, as you would not want to take away TV from your kids during this time.

Make it known

Tell the people in your kid’s life, like their teachers, their friends, their uncles, and aunts, about your renovation.

“Telling the people in your kid’s life about your renovations will help them understand what you are going through and in turn, they will be less harsh to both you and your kids” Patrick Ryan McCann had advised.

Make the renovations fun and likable for them.

Making them part of the renovations, allowing them to make little decisions, and involving them in some safe renovation activities make the whole renovation fun for them.

Patrick McCain suggests that you can have them draw out plans with your help for the builders, you can buy mini equipment for them and have them play builder in the garden which is a safer place.

Introduce them to the builders

Having your kids know the builders can help your kids feel at home with the builders around working and also help the builder to always acknowledge the presence of little kids around when they are working to work safely.

Patrick Ryan McCann advised that your kids should know your builders by name, and most likely they might share an interest in the same thing or even have their kids become friends.

Make use of the parks, museums, cafes, and other outdoor centers

Since your house is a mess of tools and equipment, you can have your lunch at that Cafe you’ve always wanted to go to with your family, or you can decide to take the kids out to their favorite park during a major tearing down.

“Going out with family during a renovation helps everyone. The builders have less to worry about, you have less to worry about, spend more time with your kids, and your kids are happy” Patrick Ryan McCann stated.

Time your renovation around the beginning of the summer break

Patrick Ryan observed that if your renovation starts when the summer breaks begin, you could move your kids to your sibling’s place or your parents while the heavy renovations occur. By the time they get back, the major renovation period has passed by.

Patrick Ryan McCann

Patrick Ryan McCann | Key Points To Hire Pro Contractor For Professional Home Renovation

Whether you’re building your home from scratch or you’re renovating the old home to a modern one, picking the right contractor is not an easy task. For example, if your home is in Brisbane, contractors in Brisbane, Australia are numerous, so you will need to have the right tools to employ the right one.

Choosing the right contractor can make all the difference in your renovation project, as the wrong contractor can take you down or even take your home down with him. It can also come easy if you follow these 5 steps Patrick Ryan McCann outlines in this article.

Having a Plan

You will need to fully understand your project so that you can explain it to contractors in detail and simple language. Also, it is your plan that will determine the type of contractors you will be needing for your renovations.

A proper plan is the best recipe for a successful result, either in building or other aspects of life. You need to have a plan of what you want to be written down, so, write down all the renovation aspects you will be undergoing.

Patrick Ryan McCann suggests that after having a proper plan, you also need to have a budget planned for your renovation because you need to stay within your budget bracket.

Research for contractors and check for their credibility

After setting your budget, you need to research Brisbane Contractors with your budget and type of renovations in mind. You can either check for contractors on the internet or check the Yellow Pages, a business directory in Australia.

If you are checking the internet for your contractors, Patrick McCann advised that you use certain keywords that can streamline your search to your locality, keywords such as “Renovations in Brisbane companies”, and “house remodeling contractors in Brisbane”.

Even the Australian Yellow Pages is on the internet, so you can also choose to flip the yellow pages right on the internet and get awesome contractors.

Request for Quotes and narrow down your list of Contractors

After getting enough credible contractors, maybe 7 to 10 contractors. You need to request quotes. Be sure to fully explain your renovation project with details to avoid hidden expenses.

After getting quotes from the contractors, you’ll have to select the most credible from it. From the submitted quotes, most of them will have a similar price range.

Patrick Ryan McCann believes that the far high and far low quotes should be removed as credible real estate agencies or renovation companies will submit competitive prices for your renovation.

Meet with selected contractors and ask questions

At this point, you must have selected your top 5 to 7 contractors for your renovation job. You need to meet with each one of them and ask important questions.

Patrick Ryan McCann outlines some important questions below.

  • Are you licensed for this type of Job?
  • Do you have insurance and what type of insurance do you have?
  • Do you have the proper knowledge about permits in this locality?
  • Have you done this type of job before and can you provide past clients? You can try checking with past clients to know if the contractors are reliable.
  • What is the expected timeline for this type of Job?
  • What kind of warranty do you have?
  • What is the payment scheme or schedule?
  • Do they anticipate any challenges in the course of the project?

Check past clients and other references

Check the contractor’s past clients and ask if they were comfortable with his work, and would they hire him again if they have similar jobs?

Check his references too and other responses to your questions. Answers to questions like his warranty scheme, his insurance, his license, and others.