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Patrick Ryan McCann | The One Home Renovation Increase Value Trick Every Person Should Know | FREE

Before listing their homes for sale, Patrick Ryan McCann, a seasoned renovator, notes that many homeowners may undergo significant remodeling improvements. He often poses good questions. After all, renovations always increase the sale price, right?

Regrettably, no!

Patrick Ryan McCann | The One Home Renovation Increase Value Trick Every Person Should Know | FREE

Upgrades frequently fail to pay by themselves

How do you determine which upgrades are worth the time, effort, and cost and which aren’t? To get the most out of your remodeling budget, Patrick Ryan McCann suggests learning about the typical return on investment for four styles of renovation projects: the fundamentals, curb appeal, the best return on value for your buck, and passion projects.

The Fundamentals

The fundamentals are the items that every buyer anticipates when purchasing a home. According to Patrick Ryan McCann, this includes a leak-free roof, working gutters and downspouts, a dry basement, a dependable furnace, solid floors, well-maintained walls, functional retaining walls, and working plumbing and HVAC systems. Potential house buyers, even first-time buyers, have a checklist containing all these facilities. In expensive residences, the essentials may include a certain number of bedrooms, baths, multiple-car garages, and other community features.

This does not imply that you must upgrade everything. You can concentrate on routine maintenance and more minor, less expensive changes that keep everything in working order. Adding the fundamentals to a home that lacks them does not add value. It simply brings the property up to the standards of the other homes in the neighborhood, allowing you to ask for a comparable price.

But on the other hand, while you want your home to stand out from the crowd, you shouldn’t go above and beyond the neighborhood norm. You will not only lose money, but you may also scare off potential purchasers. In summary, before spending a fortune on an extensive restoration job, think about what the competing residences in your neighborhood have to offer. Determine how similarly priced homes in the neighborhood compare and make modifications based on your specific market.

Visual Attraction

Curb appeal improvements improve the property’s appearance as soon as prospective buyers arrive. While these repairs may not add much monetary worth to your home, Patrick Ryan McCann maintains that they will help it sell faster. And, you can perform much of the work yourself to save money and time.

Never underestimate the power of well-kept grass, low-cost landscaping, fresh paint from the inside out (especially the front door), clean carpets, and new external fixtures (e.g., address numbers). Lighting is another crucial component (both exterior and inside). Still, if you overdo it, it can break the bank or overload your circuits. While you want your home to appear bright and welcoming, consider installing essential lighting for a modern improvement.

However, err on the side of simple vanilla. Now is not the time to introduce daring design elements into your home’s decor. Choose delicate, elegant patterns that will appeal to a broader audience. You can hire an interior designer if you need assistance with these undertakings. Just make sure to prioritize low-cost options.

Avoid using prominent design elements in your décor. Subtle accent walls and stylish backsplashes will significantly increase the appearance of your property.

Best Value for Money

Fix-it-and-flip-it contractors choose projects that add the most value at resale, and they should also be high on a homeowner’s list. While not all of these changes will pay for themselves, Patrick Ryan McCann observes that some will. 

Wood flooring (new or refinished), upgraded bathrooms,  kitchen renovations (new countertops or state-of-the-art appliances), and basement or attic conversions are among the projects with the highest return on investment. They frequently recoup 80 percent or more of their cost at resale, according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR). Specific exterior improvements, including roofing, siding, doors, windows, rebuilt decks, and energy upgrades, also provide a lot of bang for the buck regarding resale.

Projects of Interest

Passion projects are investments made by homeowners in activities they enjoy without concern for an expense.They can be swimming pools, tennis courts, hot tubs, wine cellars, game rooms, and even ponds. Regardless of how excellent these amenities are, Patrick Ryan McCann knows too well that they are costly to build for the homeowner. And most prospective purchasers (without your passion) are unlikely to spend more for your house to acquire the tennis court.

A swimming pool, for example, rarely adds value to a home. A pool not only costs a small fortune to install, but many house buyers see it as a high-maintenance headache and a year-round safety hazard. And it’s only usable for a few months of the year in most climes.

There’s no wrong in including these conveniences in your home, but don’t expect potential buyers to pay a premium for them when you’re ready to sell. Also, be aware that if the renovation entails replacing a regular element, every other house in your area has a two-car garage. You should reconsider converting yours into a game room. Do you just want to be the sole house in the neighborhood with no safe parking?

Patrick Ryan McCann also suggests other conversions that may not be able to return their cost upon resale as follows:

Transforming your bedroom into something of a studio

Taking down barriers to make a room larger (Unless there is a practical purpose, like creating flow across the dining room and the kitchen, think alot before removing a wall.)

Extending a room by removing a bedroom

Basement remodeling (Unless it’s a complete conversion to an actual living room, stick to lesser upgrades like increased storage capacity)

Which Home Improvements Add the Most Value?

As per Patrick Ryan McCann experience, particular home renovations offer a significant return on investment.These includewhole kitchen renovations, wood flooring, and renovated bathrooms, as well as roofing, doors, siding, windows, and energy upgrades. Moreover, these frequently recoup 80 percent or more of their cost upon resale.

Patrick Ryan McCann

Patrick Ryan McCann | 8 Ways to Renovate Your Home within Budget | Trending Article | FREE

You’re remodeling your home because you want it to look likable or more comfortable. Consider your home improvement project being a business strategy or even a one-of-a-kind endeavor that you will be starting from scratch.

Patrick Ryan McCann has some recommendations to get you started.

Patrick Ryan McCann | 8 Ways to Renovate Your Home within Budget | Trending Article


If you hire an architect, he will prepare for you, but if you can save money, the first step is to manage and complete the project yourself. This post will provide some do-it-yourself ideas for remodeling your home on a budget.

According to Patrick Ryan McCann, the key to updating your home on a budget while still looking attractive is to organize the entire process meticulously. The following sections will show you how to successfully renovate your house by dividing your overall restoration plan into sub-plans depending on your space. Continue reading to uncover the top ten ideas for remodeling your home in an attractive yet cost-effective manner:

Divide and conquer

Strategic planning, as previously indicated, is essential for a successful refurbishment. When renovating, you must examine both the big picture and the specifics. “The whole is larger than the sum of its parts,” as the saying goes. Create a renovation plan for every room in your home to apply the same approach to your home remodeling job.

Assume you hire an architect to renovate your home. Patrick Ryan McCann remarks that he will appraise your needs and then refurbish accordingly in that situation. You will brainstorm your requirements, establish the ultimate goal for each room in the house, or decide on the overall plan because you are in command in this case before going on.


You must first decide on your overall expenditure requirements/limit if you want to fix your house on a budget. When budgeting, keep in mind that you cannot overestimate your budget. Instead, keep your budget low and then hunt for your needed products.


When you start your investigation, you will be astounded by the number of options available. The incredible light you saw in a high-end store is also available elsewhere at a reduced cost. So, when renovating your home on a budget, remember that you do your homework. It’ll helpyou discover the furniture, paint, or decorations you desire; you will most likely find most of the goods at a reasonable cost.

Patrick Ryan McCann recommends trying online shopping, thrift stores, and then used furniture stores to see how far you can stretch your dollar. Please continue reading for detailed instructions on how to decorate your home attractively while staying within your budget.

Doors make an initial impression.

Your home’s first impression is created by its front entryway. If you cannot replace the door and your current door is in good condition, you should refinish it. Your entrances may also have an effect on the lighting in your area, which you can make use of.

In a dark room, Patrick Ryan McCann paints the ceiling, trim, and doors the same color as the walls but 50 percent lighter. Too much of a single color can overpower a space. While upgrading on a budget, attempt to use different colors depending on the concentration of light in your house. Do it, especially when repainting your door, to maximize your home’s illumination the way you want it.

Kitchens and storage

If you’re renovating or redecorating your house, you most likely want to declutter and maximize storage space. Using your kitchen to its best potential may help you reduce storage difficulties. To do this on a budget, you may either create your own kitchen cabinets and storage units out of repurposed materials or buy them at local thrift stores.

According to Patrick Ryan McCann, nobody knows the kitchen better than you. No one knows your storage needs better than you. Self-storage Facility Construction Kitchen cabinets will help you save money and utilize old materials in your home. They will, however, ensure that you develop what you require. If you already have suitable storage cabinets, you can repaint them to make your kitchen look brand new.

Bathroom Renovation

You’d be surprised at how many high-quality, low-cost bathroom remodeling items there are. Check out our Toto Toilet if you wish to install new toilet fixtures. Assume you do not want to add new items. In that scenario, Patrick Ryan McCann recommends repairing your old toilet by changing the paint, cabinet paints, and modifying the shower pressure, among many other things.

Floor Reconstruction

If you are on a tight budget, floor remodeling may be prohibitively expensive. Assume you can’t find a flooring installation within your price range. In that scenario, you should invest in modernizing everything else per your floor design.

According to Patrick Ryan McCann, the secret to renovating or upgrading your house tastefully and economically is to set a goal for yourself. Also, construct a comprehensive vision of what you want, and afterward renovate each portion of your property step-by-step, as described above. 

Patrick Ryan McCann

Patrick Ryan McCann | Best Home Improvement Trends in Australia, According to Property and Construction Industry Insiders

Patrick Ryan McCann thinks if you felt 2021 was a hectic year for home improvement projects, 2022 will be much busier.

Home renovation spending is predicted to climb by 9% in the first quarter of this year and 8.8 percent in the 2nd quarter.

Here are a few trends Patrick Ryan McCann believes are important to watch in 2022.

What does this year of renovation imply for you?

It’s time to start serious about making plans. The sooner you secure your contractor, materials, start date, and financing, the more probable your renovation will be completed on time. 

And, of course, it’s time to start on one of the most enjoyable aspects of renovation planning: design.

You’ll most likely want to modify your home to increase its worthwhile also meeting your own aesthetic and lifestyle.

Patrick Ryan McCann argues that house upgrades ultimately benefit you and your family. Do not renovate with a potential buyer in mind.” Make improvements to your everlasting home.

These top ten design concepts for 2022 will not only add value to your life. Nonetheless, they will be visible on every Pinterest board this year.

Kitchen cabinets in a variety of colors

White cabinets, please move aside. We’ve had enough of you! You’re not a realist, are you? The drab era is over, and the color is making a comeback. As we spend more time at home, we’ve discovered that it’s beneficial to incorporate extra personal style choices into our home design. If you like the color purple, paint the cabinets purple.

Patrick Ryan McCann, a designer, is inspired by the gorgeous cabinet colors of European kitchens. Greens, creams, taupes, or even brownishpinks are popular.

Making a home office out of a spare room

We thought we’d all be back in the office in 2021, but Omicron came along. If you work in an office, it’s fair to presume that if new versions develop and you need to work from home, you’ll need a home office in the coming years.

Consider establishing a multipurpose area if you’re hesitant to convert an entire room into a home office.

Patrick Ryan McCann says the most common is the kitchen counter/home office combination.

Statements expressed with vivid wallpaper

If you’re still using a virtual beach background in your Zoom sessions, you’re still behind the times. It’s time to get to work on something more long-term.

Many homeowners are experimenting with bold wallpaper statements across their houses to represent a more vibrant aesthetic. Wallpaper is no longer regarded as tacky or out of style; instead, it is making a comeback.

According to Patrick Ryan McCann, color is a simple way to infuse joy into a room. People will continue to find new and imaginative ways to incorporate color into their interiors.Whether it’s a painted accent wall, a funky wallpaper print, a deep sofa, or a zany tile backsplash.

Relics from the past

Because of the recent supply limitations, many homeowners are afraid to purchase new products for the concern of waiting longer.

Vintage or refurbished elements can give a space charm and individuality (and help you avoid shipping delays).

Glass dividers

According to Patrick Ryan McCann, homeowners now want to feel like they’re outside after spending nearly a year indoors due to the virus. Interior or exterior glass walls can make a property appear larger and more inviting.

Glass walls are a fantastic way to preserve an open appearance while yet giving some separation amongst family members.

Design with black accents

Black design accents are gradually replacing all-white designs. In the past, adding a black wall, cabinetry, and even black outside paint may have sounded like a “radical” alternative. Nonetheless, it will become much more widespread by theend of 2022.

Patrick Ryan McCann believes that black and metallic-colored accents will be more prominent in 2022. These will add depth and edginess to any minimalistic or contemporary décor.

Plan for the future

According to Patrick Ryan McCann, people will explore ways to be more eco-friendly in their houses, whether it’s solar-powered lighting, restoring old furniture instead of buying new, or developing garden spaces.

This year, homeowners will become more interested in cutting-edge home amenities and technology. Numerous alternatives, including Tesla charging stations to eco-flushing toilets, may be more expensive up front yet save money in the long term.

Significant renovations

Why live in a never-ending construction zone with a new project each year when you can finish it all at once? That is what the majority of homeowners believe as the year 2022 approaches.

Because better finance options allow you to tap into your future equity, you can complete a large project immediately rather than delay and save for a series of smaller projects.

According to Patrick Ryan McCann, the year to accomplish your entire refurbishment wish list is 2022. Your future self will appreciate you completing everything at once.

Patrick Ryan McCann

Patrick Ryan McCann FREE From All Charges And Release Home Painting Tips

One of the most effective ways of beautifying your home is through proper painting, and this can not happen without proper preparation. A bad painting can make your rooms look shabby and uncomfortable for you.

In this article, Patrick Ryan McCann discusses the important thing you should know before painting your home, either the living room, the kitchen, the bathroom, or the bedroom. A proper home painting contractor, which you can find at Patrick Ryan McCann Real Estate Agency, should be employed, but you can also do it on your own, either way, you need to prepare properly and follow some tips explained in this article.

Prep the Room

Get the room ready for painting, as it would be difficult to paint with all of your belongings littered all over the room. If you’re painting the living room or the bedroom.

Patrick Ryan McCann advises that you move all the heavy furniture to the center of the room, and cover them up using old sheets, or plastic sheets. Covering all your furniture is to ensure that the furniture is not messed up with the paints. You also should cover the floors with plastic sheets in order not to spoil the floors as well.

Prime the Walls

A wall that is not newly built would have lots of debris, oil, dirt, and holes in it due to years of usage, whether you can see them or not. So, it is important to prime the walls before painting.

Priming the walls include clearing or covering up existing stains and scraping off debris, filling up holes and cracks in the walls.

Some paints do come already mixed with a primer, so, there is a need to check with the store if your paint is pre-mixed with primer. Even if it is pre-mixed, you must prime the walls before painting. Patrick Ryan McCann observed that Priming your wall before painting ensures the paint adheres properly to the wall surface and also increases paint durability and additional protection for the wall.

Prep your Brushes and Rollers

Most rollers are made from fluffy materials and can easily hide loose fibers, and other debris which may end up on your walls if not properly cleaned before painting. So, there is a need to remove any debris from your rollers and brushes before painting.

Patrick Ryan McCann says you can remove loose fibers from your rollers using painters’ tape. Wrap the painters’ tape on your hands backward in a way that the glue is outside, then rub your hand on the rollers and watch the glue on the tape pick off any loose fiber on your roller. You can also use your hands to remove debris from your brushes easily.

Determine the amount of Paint you need

Running out of paint during a painting project is a very frustrating ordeal, and every contractor endeavors to avoid it. Knowing the amount of Paint you need before starting the project is important.

According to Patrick Ryan McCann, one of the top real estate agents in Brisbane, Australia, a gallon of paint can cover one coach of around 350 to 400 sqft of wall space which is around 33 to 37m². It is better to have a little more paint than not having enough paints for your project.

Selecting the proper type, and color of Paint

You can choose latex paints which are water-based for indoor painting. Latex paints have great color retention, dry fast, and are environmentally friendly. They can also withstand moisture and they are ideal for kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room.

Patrick Ryan McCann cannot overemphasize the importance of proper preparation in a painting process, as it can eliminate the unnecessary and unwanted expenses of bad decisions.

Biggest Trends Patrick Ryan McCann | Offering Cost Cutting Techniques In Renovations | FREE

Here Patrick Ryan McCann offering you mind-blowing ideas or techniques of cost cuttings during home renovation

Renovating a new or existing building is very expensive. If you’re planning to renovate and you are on a very tight budget, then you know how tedious the task can be. You sure need to reduce the cost to fit into your budget.

Cutting costs does not necessarily mean going for cheaper materials, it also looks into the long-term cost. So, quality is also a major factor to check, as well as cost. In this article, we will look into the different ways of cutting costs during the renovation as highlighted by Patrick Ryan McCann.

Eliminate Excesses

Nothing beats a proper plan before execution. When planning for a renovation, make sure every renovation that is planned for is totally necessary. Patrick Ryan McCann says if you don’t need an extension, don’t bother planning or building the extension.

The cost of a renovation can shoot up simply because of some unnecessary renovation projects added to it. Excesses can come in the form of an unneeded extension, unnecessary game, fun room, etc. So, cut down on all the excesses that your home can do without and still stand out beautiful and desiring.

Pay the Professionals.

Employing the service of a professional has lots of advantages, which include saving costs. Heavy jobs like electrical or structural works need the service of a professional. Trying to do those jobs yourself can cause other issues.

One of the ways to cut down costs of renovations is to do proper research on the project and get lots of quotations from different technicians. At least 3 different quotations on the job, then go for the one with high quality and low price.

Choose affordable Materials

Patrick Ryan McCann confirms that there are always less expensive alternatives to most house renovating materials. These alternatives are preferable as they save cost and still maintain the look and quality of your home.

You can substitute quarry floor tiles for those ceramics floorings, or laminate flooring for hardwood floors.

Expensive materials can stay when the area is relatively small. Small areas make the loudest statement with expensive and aesthetic materials.

Upgrade, then Reuse

Not all materials in your home need to be torn down and replaced, some materials like furniture can be upgraded by simple painting or repairs and be reused.

Old materials can also be used as materials for new stuff, so think twice before throwing that furniture away.

“Upgrading and Reusing old materials can save you a lot in material costs,” says Patrick Ryan McCann.

Go for more Second-hand materials

There are lots of second-hand materials ranging from furniture to kitchen equipment, to home appliances that can be a good substitute for the brand new materials you must have been planning to use.

Though most second-hand materials might have a few dents, they can easily be covered up and can cut costs tremendously.

Patrick Ryan McCann admonished homeowners to pick more quality second-hand materials from thrift stores, and other stores that sell factory seconds. They are of great quality.

Be detailed and thorough

“Being fully detailed and thorough when communicating your renovation ideas and work to a contractor, or technician can help cut down on costs incurred from hidden works.” Patrick McCain says about cutting costs in renovations.

Take your time to explain your situation and what you need from the contractor or technician. And ask as many questions as you can to avoid unforeseen circumstances that can shoot up your renovation costs.

Effective Waste Management

Properly disposing of your renovation waste can also eat deep into your budget if you are not careful. Large amounts of waste are created during renovation projects, and the cost of disposing of them can get very high.

Patrick Ryan McCann suggests that you bargain for recyclable waste and dispose of them freely to the recycling companies, you can even get a fee from the companies. And if you’re building a foundation, you can also bargain for the topsoil and dispose of them freely to those who need them.
Patrick Ryan McCann

Patrick Ryan McCann | Step-By-Step Guide To Designing A Renovation In Budget | FREE

The most important part of the beginning process of a renovation is the budgeting period. Getting a budget for your renovation helps you to understand how much you need to spend, how much of your monthly income you’ll need to save, and how much of your renovation can you do at a time.

Getting a budget can also help you to categorize your renovation projects in the order of most expensive to the less expensive. So the need for a budget before embarking on a renovation project cannot be overemphasized. But, not everyone knows how to design a renovation budget.

This Patrick Ryan McCann’s step-by-step guide will make designing a budget easy for you. So, are you planning to renovate your home but getting a budget done is difficult? Then you need to continue reading because, at the end of this article, you will have all the tools you need to complete that budget.

According to Patrick Ryan McCann who is a top home renovator in Brisbane, designing a renovation budget can be done following these 3 steps.

Plan out a Renovation Schedule

“A renovation schedule is a scale of preference table of your renovation jobs according to which one you would like to go first” says Patrick McCain. If you have great affection for a particular room which is meant to be renovated, you could start with that room.

But, you should most likely start with a room that needs the renovation the most, a room that is causing you the most trouble.

If you plan on staying in the home after renovations, you should start with the aspect of the renovation that will make you happy after renovation, like the kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom.

But if you’re looking to resell the property after renovation, you might need to start with the part that would increase the face value of the property like the roofing, or the flooring.

Prepare the Cost Estimates

Having prepared your schedule, the next step is to prepare a rough cost estimate for your renovation project. You can not know the exact amount of materials and equipment you might need, hence the term “rough”.

Naturally, Patrick Ryan McCann advised that you never spend above 15% of your home value on any room renovation. He suggests that you set 15% of your home value as the benchmark for the renovation of each room you plan to renovate.

Let’s assume that after preparing your schedule, you choose to start with the kitchen. Your kitchen rough estimate should include rough prices of the cabinets, countertops, flooring, walls, ceilings, windows, doors, appliances, design, labor, lighting, installation, and labor. You get rough prices for each of these things and write them out.

You do the same for other rooms that you have decided to renovate until you run through all the rooms. Your write-up of the rough price of your renovation costs is your rough budget.

Call the Contractors

This is the last stage because you already have a rough sketch of what you are looking to do. All you need to do next is to call the contractor and collect the bids and timeline. Make sure you explain all your renovation plans and work to them in detail to eliminate the probability of hidden costs coming up.

Compare prices and timelines with each other and choose the best one for you. Be careful not to go for the cheap simply because it is cheap. Ask around from other people, neighbors, or friends that have recently had their renovation done for referrals. Then, go for the best at the best price. You can sure try Patrick Ryan McCann.
The Most Vira Picture Of Patrick Ryan MCCann People should see it

Patrick Ryan McCann talks about how to make your kitchen look expensive on a low budget.

Most people believe that they can not make their kitchen look more beautiful and expensive without spending heavily and buying very expensive gadgets and appliances. But, that’s certainly not the case.

Patrick Ryan McCann, in this article, talks about how you can beautify your kitchen without breaking the bank. You can achieve this with a little adjustment to significant work, it is all to achieve 1 goal which is to give your kitchen a sophisticated look. The following ideas are perfect for your kitchen regardless of the size

  1. Replace the cabinet doors

The cabinet doors are one of the most important parts of your kitchen, if you can afford them, you should change them.

Patrick McCann says “Having clean cabinet doors can add shape to your kitchen, and they work wonders in beautifying your kitchen by giving your kitchen a whole new sleek look”

Even if you cannot buy new cabinet doors, you can refurbish the old ones and paint them properly. You can also choose to change the cabinets to shelves, or glass doors.

  1. Design the cabinets doors

Either you got new cabinet doors or you upgraded the old ones by painting them, you can also beautify these cabinets by designing the doors.

Patrick Ryan McCann believes that if you draw or paint on the doors of the cabinets, it will add more beauty and color to your kitchen.

  1. Update the floors

Floors are always an integral paint of a room and the kitchen is no exception. Ceramics or Porcelain floors are very suitable for the floors of your kitchen but can be very expensive, a less expensive substitute is the linoleum, as it also provides a surface that is easy to clean and can come in different designs and colors. A wood floor can also be used for the kitchen.

Patrick Ryan McCann identifies that a colorful, neat, and clean floor can give your kitchen a very new refreshing look. You can choose any type of flooring depending on your choice of color and budget.

  1. Apply window treatment

“Your window deserves special treatment since it controls the amount of ventilation and lighting that enters the room” Patrick Ryan McCann Real Estate Agency.

You should treat your windows well by getting clean and new window curtains or blinds, you should get light curtains as you would still need a lot of natural light in your kitchen.

  1. Clean clutter

Your kitchen will look a lot better if you have all appliances, utensils, and food in the right place.

You should keep little things off the center tops as that can give the room a dirty look which doesn’t look well in the kitchen. Unused utensils and appliances should be kept away in cabinets.

Keeping appliances off the countertops and the floor works well to clean the area, keep a hygienic environment, and help keep the kids out of harm’s way as they can injure themselves playing with these appliances.

  1. Update the regular utensils

You can add colors to your regular utensils and make them more beautiful. You can make them blend with either the walls or the furniture in the kitchen. This adds extra blended color to the beauty of your kitchen as explained by Patrick Ryan McCann

  1. Use brighter colors on the wall

Using bright colors can make everything light up, mix up lights a bit and make it beautiful. Bright colored painting on walls and also the cabinet can help give the room a bright feel as it reveals lights.

Having bright colors on cabinets can help hide scratches and dings in the old cabinets.
Patrick Ryan McCann

Patrick Ryan McCann |Best Home Renovation Books of 2022 |FREE

Renovating your house might be so fulfilling as it can be one of your bucket lists, and ticking it is as fulfilling as going skydiving. You get to finally give your home the perfect look you have been hoping for for a long while.

As fulfilling as it can be, renovating your home can also be dangerous if you are not careful. The site of renovation needs some ground rules you must follow and some precautions you must abide by.

Below, Patrick Ryan McCann highlights some safety precautions or tips you need to follow when renovating your home to ensure the safety of you, your kids, and the workers. Either you are supervising your renovation project yourself or you outsourced it to professionals, you will need to follow these safety tips.

Keeping the Worksite clean

Keeping the worksite clean is not just about cleanliness nor is it about neatness. It is totally about the safety of people around the worksite: you, your workers, and your kids. Renovating your home can be very messy, as debris, renovation wastes, and packages can litter the ground.

When the floor around your worksite is fully messed up, there is uneven ground which can cause personnel to fall and trip. Uneven ground is bad for ladders as well.

Tidying up the worksite helps in averting accidents, and injuries at the worksite as it makes the ground even and clear. Dispose of renovation waste, packaging waste properly, and regularly cleaning debris can make your workspace safer.

Make use of the Proper Tools Correctly.

In every renovation project, certain tools are needed, though the type of tools used, solely depends on the type of project to be undergone. Some common tools used during the renovation include:

  • Safety tools like hearing protection, nose mask for lungs protection, safety goggles,
  • Hand drilling machine,
  • Steel framing hammer with ripping claw,
  • Demolition bars,
  • Lighting,
  • Screwdriver, pliers, adjustable wrench, hand saw,
  • Tool Pouch,
  • Ladder, and others

These tools, if used wrongly, can cause accidents for handlers or others around them.

Professionals like Patrick Ryan McCann’s real estate agent understands the risk and they have professionals that know how to use these tools and others that require proper care and attention.

Employ good, reputable contractors like Patrick McCann.

Apart from getting the job done in record time, good contractors know how to keep their work site clean and safe because they understand the importance of safety in the worksite.

Yes, you can always try to do some of the renovation processes yourself, but some processes would surpass your experience and technical know-how and the experts should take care of such processes.

During major home renovation, some disaster that is bound to happen will surely happen. These good and reputable contractors know how to keep you and your workers safe during these disasters.

Proper and safe handling of tools and materials.

Handling most renovating materials requires proper use and handling. Renovating materials like paints and adhesive requires proper ventilation to prevent choking as paint and adhesive have a choky effect without proper ventilation.

Some materials will require electricity and the proper use and handling of such material will prevent electrocution while using it.

Patrick Ryan McCann advised that when handling materials you are not used to, you need to read the user manual as the manuals are there to direct people on the use of such material.

Once you have the proper contractor like Patrick McCann, they will understand the danger of using every material and will be responsible for the use and handling of every material before and after usage.

Use the proper safety gears

Never go to the renovation work site without wearing the suitable safety gear for that place.

Never perform renovation work, supervise renovation projects, or inspect renovation projects without using the proper safety gear.

Safety gears like the safety goggles to protect the eyes, and the work gloves, which protect your hands and fingers against cuts, diets, and irritants. The gas nose masks protect the nostrils and mouth from dust and toxic chemicals. Steel-toed safety boots also protect the legs from heavy things that fall accidentally in workspaces.

All these safety gears and others are very important to use to prevent accidents and injuries at the worksite of a renovation project. Always keep a first aid kit close by during renovation work, as this can save a life before the attention of a properly trained doctor.

Make sure you obtain the necessary permits

In Brisbane, Australia, most renovation work would require some permits like plumbing, structural changes, and building. These permits are compulsory to stay on the right side of the law.

These permits have specific instructions to follow, Patrick McCann advised that all instructions associated with the permits be followed strictly.

Permits to obtain for your renovation project differ from state to state. So, determine the types of projects you will be doing and obtain the corresponding permits associated with those projects.

Patrick Ryan McCann gives these 6 safety tips to help you stay safe during your home renovation. Stay safe and build well.
Patrick Ryan McCann

Patrick Ryan McCann| How to stay on budget for your home renovation project

Setting a budget for your home renovation project is a very tasking process, Patrick Ryan McCann has highlighted some ways to do this in earlier articles. After setting your budget, one of the most difficult parts of your renovation project is staying on that budget, without exceeding the limits you have set for the whole project.

Setting a budget simply means the amount you have set is the highest amount you are willing to spend for the project. Almost 30% of homeowners in Brisbane, Australia agree that their renovation projects go well above budget.

Following these 6 tips below can help you refrain from exceeding your renovation budget.

  1. Prepare Everything in Advance

If you are trying to prepare the budget, then you should prepare for everything. Colors, texture, painting, material type, and every other detail should be decided and prepared for before the commencement of the project.

Patrick Ryan McCann says that all these details, if not properly prepared for, can cost more in the long run during the project.

  • Communicate every detail properly with your Contractor.

Clear communication in every relationship is of the utmost importance, be it the romantic relationship or the relationship between you, your contractors, and your designers. Discuss every detail, and every design with your contractor before starting the project.

Failure to communicate properly can lead to errors in designs, colors, materials, or texture. And correcting these errors can cost you more which will lead you to surpass your budget. Competent and experienced contractors such as Patrick Ryan McCann need to fully understand your idea and they will transform your home into your new heaven.

  • You don’t need to Renovate every part of your home all at once.

Regardless of the number of repairs a home requires, there are parts of the home that do not require renovations immediately. You can categorize your renovation projects into segments to contain your project within the scope of your budget.

  • Additional and Unexpected Expenses

Your budget is faulty if there is no provision for additional and unexpected expenses. If you do not budget for those added expenses, you will find your expenses to be more than your budget.

Expenses for extra lodgings, extra take-out, construction permits, and inspection costs. Additional costs should be around 3% – 5% of your total renovation cost.

Also, you should never assume that everything will go as planned, so unexpected costs such as rotten walls that were hidden behind proper wall coverings, failure in structural components of the building, and other setbacks. Patrick Ryan McCann believes that if setbacks are properly prepared and planned for, the extra costs will shoot up the total cost above the budget.

  • Investigate more Quotations Properly

Call for quotations from more contractors, at least 4 contractors, to ascertain the best prices and quality for your renovation project. After getting the quotations from different contractors, investigate each quotation and contractor. Ask the necessary questions, check the prices, and check the integrity of the contractor by seeking out former clients of the contractor.

Contractors like Patrick McCann have a good track record of completed renovations and satisfied customers. They also have moderate prices for most materials.

  • On some easy parts of the project, DIY!

Some of the projects, like cleaning the worksite space which would normally cost you, are works that you can do yourself even if you are not handy.

If you are handy enough, you can try to do the painting works, the carpentry works needed, and others. This will save you some part of the money you would have spent. Be careful not to involve yourself in handy works that you do not have any skills in, so as not to damage the project totally and incur additional costs.

Take note of these tips, and you will stay within your budget, make sure you keep track of your expenses so as not to get lost in the process and spend above the budget.