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One of the most effective ways of beautifying your home is through proper painting, and this can not happen without proper preparation. A bad painting can make your rooms look shabby and uncomfortable for you.

In this article, Patrick Ryan McCann discusses the important thing you should know before painting your home, either the living room, the kitchen, the bathroom, or the bedroom. A proper home painting contractor, which you can find at Patrick Ryan McCann Real Estate Agency, should be employed, but you can also do it on your own, either way, you need to prepare properly and follow some tips explained in this article.

Prep the Room

Get the room ready for painting, as it would be difficult to paint with all of your belongings littered all over the room. If you’re painting the living room or the bedroom.

Patrick Ryan McCann advises that you move all the heavy furniture to the center of the room, and cover them up using old sheets, or plastic sheets. Covering all your furniture is to ensure that the furniture is not messed up with the paints. You also should cover the floors with plastic sheets in order not to spoil the floors as well.

Prime the Walls

A wall that is not newly built would have lots of debris, oil, dirt, and holes in it due to years of usage, whether you can see them or not. So, it is important to prime the walls before painting.

Priming the walls include clearing or covering up existing stains and scraping off debris, filling up holes and cracks in the walls.

Some paints do come already mixed with a primer, so, there is a need to check with the store if your paint is pre-mixed with primer. Even if it is pre-mixed, you must prime the walls before painting. Patrick Ryan McCann observed that Priming your wall before painting ensures the paint adheres properly to the wall surface and also increases paint durability and additional protection for the wall.

Prep your Brushes and Rollers

Most rollers are made from fluffy materials and can easily hide loose fibers, and other debris which may end up on your walls if not properly cleaned before painting. So, there is a need to remove any debris from your rollers and brushes before painting.

Patrick Ryan McCann says you can remove loose fibers from your rollers using painters’ tape. Wrap the painters’ tape on your hands backward in a way that the glue is outside, then rub your hand on the rollers and watch the glue on the tape pick off any loose fiber on your roller. You can also use your hands to remove debris from your brushes easily.

Determine the amount of Paint you need

Running out of paint during a painting project is a very frustrating ordeal, and every contractor endeavors to avoid it. Knowing the amount of Paint you need before starting the project is important.

According to Patrick Ryan McCann, one of the top real estate agents in Brisbane, Australia, a gallon of paint can cover one coach of around 350 to 400 sqft of wall space which is around 33 to 37m². It is better to have a little more paint than not having enough paints for your project.

Selecting the proper type, and color of Paint

You can choose latex paints which are water-based for indoor painting. Latex paints have great color retention, dry fast, and are environmentally friendly. They can also withstand moisture and they are ideal for kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room.

Patrick Ryan McCann cannot overemphasize the importance of proper preparation in a painting process, as it can eliminate the unnecessary and unwanted expenses of bad decisions.