Revamping Ideas That Can Give Your Living Room A New Look – Patrick Ryan McCann

Your living design has been the same for a long time and you’re looking to change its look or make it look brand new. Or are you tired of the old look of your living room? There are little ideas that you can implement that would revamp your living room space.

So, try some of the following ideas and watch your living room transform from that old look to a new inviting one.

1.      Change the Flooring Material.

It is not too expensive to change or update the floors of your living room. You can simply roll on a vinyl flooring like the Vinyl Roll or laminate flooring which is not expensive and does not require you to break your old floors. It is waterproof and comes in different designs and colors. It can give the living room a cool and warm feel while also looking sophisticated.

And even if you wish to break the old floors to install new ones, there are hardwoods, tiles, and pattern woods that you can use on the floor to give the whole living room a perfect look.

So, according to Patrick Ryan McCann, if you aún at changing the look of your living room, try changing the floors

1.      Beautify the Walls

Instead of changing the colors of the wall, you can beautify the wall by putting wallpapers on it. Wallpaper can come in different colors and textures, as well as different designs.

Some wallpapers are designed to look like bricks, while some look like clay. There are also 3D wallpapers that make your walls come to life. It breathes life into your wall and gives the room and new refreshing look

1.      Introduce a Wall Gallery

Introducing a wall gallery can take the focus off your entire wall and put the limelight on the gallery. It makes your walls attractive and interesting.

It helps in giving an added meaning to your walls which in turn gives meaning to your living room. “Putting a Wall Gallery in your living room can make the living room become the most sought-after room in your home for visitors,” says Patrick Ryan McCann.

You can have the family pictures on a side of the wall in an interesting arrangement, you can also add pictures of old, dead relatives, grandparents, celebrities, religious and political leaders, or even pets owned by the family in the gallery.

1.      Add some Plant Effects

The greenhouse or plant effect does not only make the living room ventilated, but it also adds a beautifying effect to the living room. They give color, shape, and beauty to the room and since they are living, they also add life to the living room.

Patrick Ryan McCann suggests that you can arrange small plants in cases or pots around the corners of the room, as it makes much more sense than just scattering them around the room.

1.      Update the Living Room Curtains

You might not have noticed that the curtains in your living room are faded already and they need to be changed.

Depending on how you prefer your room to be, you can choose to have light-colored curtains that would give more light to the room, or choose the dark colors which can give a dark aura to the room.

Patrick McCann advised that dark color curtains will only be preferable if you have other means of lighting in the room as you would need to have enough lights to do some work in the living room.


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