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Renovating your house might be so fulfilling as it can be one of your bucket lists, and ticking it is as fulfilling as going skydiving. You get to finally give your home the perfect look you have been hoping for for a long while.

As fulfilling as it can be, renovating your home can also be dangerous if you are not careful. The site of renovation needs some ground rules you must follow and some precautions you must abide by.

Below, Patrick Ryan McCann highlights some safety precautions or tips you need to follow when renovating your home to ensure the safety of you, your kids, and the workers. Either you are supervising your renovation project yourself or you outsourced it to professionals, you will need to follow these safety tips.

Keeping the Worksite clean

Keeping the worksite clean is not just about cleanliness nor is it about neatness. It is totally about the safety of people around the worksite: you, your workers, and your kids. Renovating your home can be very messy, as debris, renovation wastes, and packages can litter the ground.

When the floor around your worksite is fully messed up, there is uneven ground which can cause personnel to fall and trip. Uneven ground is bad for ladders as well.

Tidying up the worksite helps in averting accidents, and injuries at the worksite as it makes the ground even and clear. Dispose of renovation waste, packaging waste properly, and regularly cleaning debris can make your workspace safer.

Make use of the Proper Tools Correctly.

In every renovation project, certain tools are needed, though the type of tools used, solely depends on the type of project to be undergone. Some common tools used during the renovation include:

  • Safety tools like hearing protection, nose mask for lungs protection, safety goggles,
  • Hand drilling machine,
  • Steel framing hammer with ripping claw,
  • Demolition bars,
  • Lighting,
  • Screwdriver, pliers, adjustable wrench, hand saw,
  • Tool Pouch,
  • Ladder, and others

These tools, if used wrongly, can cause accidents for handlers or others around them.

Professionals like Patrick Ryan McCann’s real estate agent understands the risk and they have professionals that know how to use these tools and others that require proper care and attention.

Employ good, reputable contractors like Patrick McCann.

Apart from getting the job done in record time, good contractors know how to keep their work site clean and safe because they understand the importance of safety in the worksite.

Yes, you can always try to do some of the renovation processes yourself, but some processes would surpass your experience and technical know-how and the experts should take care of such processes.

During major home renovation, some disaster that is bound to happen will surely happen. These good and reputable contractors know how to keep you and your workers safe during these disasters.

Proper and safe handling of tools and materials.

Handling most renovating materials requires proper use and handling. Renovating materials like paints and adhesive requires proper ventilation to prevent choking as paint and adhesive have a choky effect without proper ventilation.

Some materials will require electricity and the proper use and handling of such material will prevent electrocution while using it.

Patrick Ryan McCann advised that when handling materials you are not used to, you need to read the user manual as the manuals are there to direct people on the use of such material.

Once you have the proper contractor like Patrick McCann, they will understand the danger of using every material and will be responsible for the use and handling of every material before and after usage.

Use the proper safety gears

Never go to the renovation work site without wearing the suitable safety gear for that place.

Never perform renovation work, supervise renovation projects, or inspect renovation projects without using the proper safety gear.

Safety gears like the safety goggles to protect the eyes, and the work gloves, which protect your hands and fingers against cuts, diets, and irritants. The gas nose masks protect the nostrils and mouth from dust and toxic chemicals. Steel-toed safety boots also protect the legs from heavy things that fall accidentally in workspaces.

All these safety gears and others are very important to use to prevent accidents and injuries at the worksite of a renovation project. Always keep a first aid kit close by during renovation work, as this can save a life before the attention of a properly trained doctor.

Make sure you obtain the necessary permits

In Brisbane, Australia, most renovation work would require some permits like plumbing, structural changes, and building. These permits are compulsory to stay on the right side of the law.

These permits have specific instructions to follow, Patrick McCann advised that all instructions associated with the permits be followed strictly.

Permits to obtain for your renovation project differ from state to state. So, determine the types of projects you will be doing and obtain the corresponding permits associated with those projects.

Patrick Ryan McCann gives these 6 safety tips to help you stay safe during your home renovation. Stay safe and build well.


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